VS 3 SDVS 3 SD strained
model information

VS 3 SD strained

Strained pleated blind with two different fabrics (day/night). Lower fabric is operable from top to bottom. Upper fabric is operable from bottom. Both fabrics can be operated via handles or with an additional stick.

We provide many colors and designs in exclusive fabric qualities.

System and package height
paket paket
50 cm ca. 9 cm
100 cm ca. 10 cm
150 cm ca. 11 cm
200 cm ca. 12 cm
220 cm ca. 13 cm

Size range
Width (B):
min. 12 cm
max. 100 cm

Height (H1):
min. 20 cm
max. 220 cm

Only possible with 2 standard fabrics, no combination with honeycell!