VS 3VS 3 verspannt
model information

VS 3 verspannt

Strained pleated blind with two different fabrics (day/night). Operable from top to bottom via handles or with an additional stick. The height of the two fabrics can be adjusted with a profile in the middle.

We provide many colors and designs in exclusive fabric qualities.

System and package height
paket paket
50 cm ca. 9 cm
100 cm ca. 10 cm
150 cm ca. 11 cm
200 cm ca. 12 cm
220 cm ca. 13 cm

Size range
Width (B):
min. 12 cm
max. 150 cm

Height (H1):
min. 20 cm
max. 150 cm (until 120 cm width max. height 220 cm)

Only possible with 2 standard fabrics, no combination with honeycell!